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Could foster care be the career for you?

Would you like a job that really makes a difference and helps transform the lives of others?

Foster Care Cardiff are looking for diverse foster carers to join us and offer a home to local children and young people who need care and support in a loving environment.

By registering as a foster carer with Cardiff Council you will be joining a big family, with rewards and benefits that support you emotionally, professionally and financially. If you foster one child you can earn the equivalent of £25,000 annual salary, ensuring you feel financially secure in this valuable and rewarding role.

All sorts of people can foster, whether you are single, retired or disabled, we need foster carers that are as diverse as the city we live in.

Foster care can be flexible too, with various options depending on your lifestyle. These include longer term placements, or short-term and respite care for people who want to make a smaller commitment.

Visit Foster Care Cardiff to find out more about becoming a foster carer.

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